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I’m Darmen. I write about entrepreneurship and software engineering.

Integrating Laravel Pint with Github Actions

Laravel Pint is a wrapper around PHP-CS-Fixer that brings a nice UX and doesn’t require any dependencies. Use this snippet to integrate it into your Github CI/CD: name: Integrate Laravel Pint with Github Actions on: [push] jobs: Test: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Check out repository code uses: actions/checkout@v3 - name: Install Dependencies run: composer install -q --no-ansi --no-interaction --no-scripts --no-progress - name: Check code style run: ./vendor/bin/pint --test --preset laravel

June 23, 2022

Styling Tippy.js With Tailwind CSS (including Dark Mode)

Tippy.js is a great library that allows you to seamlessly create beatiful popovers. However, I personally miss some of theming capabilities, which led me to come up with a solution on how to override the default theme using Tailwind CSS . .tippy-box[data-theme~='light'] { @apply bg-red-200; } .tippy-box[data-theme~='light'][data-placement^='top'] > .tippy-arrow::before { @apply border-t-green-200; } .tippy-box[data-theme~='light'][data-placement^='left'] > .tippy-arrow::before { @apply border-l-green-200; } .tippy-box[data-theme~='light'][data-placement^='right'] > .tippy-arrow::before { @apply border-r-green-200; } .tippy-box[data-theme~='light'][data-placement^='bottom'] > ....

June 19, 2022

Using Deployer With Git Submodules

I’ve been using Deployer for a long time mainly because it makes the deployment of PHP applications a breeze. However, recently I’ve stumbled upon on the problem with git submodules – it turns out that Deployer does not support deploying applications which have submodules. ...

June 16, 2022